A corridor, by de Neuville

The Upper Corridor

he upper corridor runs on the starboard side of the boat. It is narrower than the lower corridor because I’ve located it further outboard to provide more room in the crew quarters.  This arrangement leaves little space on the outboard side of the corridor where I’ve placed a storage locker.  
Looking forward The upper end of the ladder to the crew’s mess is just past the closed door to the crew quarters (not seen in the rendering). 

Since the professor’s account of their capture mentions the ladder but no stairs, Sylvain St-Pierre wonders if there might be a second hatch to the platform.  This design has only one.   I think the captives were carried down the main staircase and along this corridor to the ladder. Since the ladder hatchway is small, they were guided down it from above to other crewmembers below. Hence, the professor remembers his bare feet touching the metal rungs for the first time below decks.


The hatchway to the lower deck
Forward, past the galley The galley as shown opens directly on the corridor, but I will add a door to agree with the text and the plan above.  I've placed a large storage locker on the other side of the galley.  With the one across the passage, this fits the description of the galley between the lockers.  Aronnax also mentions a bathroom with hot and cold taps nearby.   Since the galley contains water processing and heating machinery, locating the bath nearby makes good sense. I've placed it on the opposite side of the galley from the corridor.  This is purely a bathroom with perhaps even a tub, but no toilet.  The two forward cabins have discretely disguised commodes.  There may be chamber pots in the crew quarters or a  small cabin off this or the lower corridor may be a latrine.

The small cabin provided to Conseil and Ned Land is tucked under the main stair forward of the galley. Perhaps this room was the cook’s before the castaways came aboard.

We’ll now pass through the watertight bulkhead to the staircase.



Forward to the main stair
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