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lthough I have carefully followed Verneís text (subject to comments found elsewhere on this site) and used the original woodcut illustrations as a guide, much of what youíll see is my own invention, often based on places Iíve been and things Iíve seen. Nonetheless, everything depicted is, I hope, true to the mid-19th century setting of the novel.  

Begin the tour, which starts in Aronnax's cabin, by clicking the arrow button.  The tour narrative is tailored to the sequence guided by the green arrows.  (Besides, you may get lost on your own.) Some rooms are dead-ended, indicted by a red arrow button.  Visit those rooms before taking the next green arrow exit.  Like the professor and his companions, you have complete freedom on board and may visit rooms in any sequence you prefer, or click a room on the isometric below to go directly to it.

 Read a note on the Nautilus furnishings here.

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Engine room Diving room Upper corridor Galley Lower corridor Main staircase Stair passage Wheelhouse passage Wheelhouse Dining room Library Salon Nemo's cabin Forward corridor Aronnax's cabin Outboard passage Outboard passage
Nemo's cat??? Did Nemo have a cat?

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