My New 3-D Nautilus

A lthough I still like the overall design and believe there is strong evidence that a cylinder with tapered ends was Jules Verne’s intended shape for the Nautilus, some details of my original approach now bother me:
  • the wheelhouse is not retractable
  • the side-mounted dinghy is aesthetically unpleasing

As the discussions linked at the bottom of the main Nautilus page show, I have worked out solutions for the problems that led me to the original approach.  Rather than revise the first design, I decided on a completely new version that would also test the concept of a spindle shaped hull.

Part of a working drawing
Tour the Nautilus Unlike my first effort, which I built from the outside, adding interior details later, this Nautilus is coming together from the inside out and affords the possibility of a tour as the design proceeds aft from the bow.  Little of the 3-D model is done but all the major parts are positioned.  Since each room takes weeks of effort to complete, it will be a long time before you can see the finished product, but the unfinished shells provide an impression of the layout. 

My thanks to Sylvain St-Pierre whose own work inspired this tour concept.

Click the graphic above to tour the Nautilus.

With the interior layout nearly finalized it's time to 
take a quick look at the new, incomplete exterior here.

Clcik to view the new hull


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