Dave Warren's Nautilus

The Nautilus, Copyright 2001 Dave Warren
B eautiful, beautiful!" was my reaction to
to these illustrations by Dave Warren, and presented here with his permission.  Of all the others I've seen, Goff's boat comes closest to beauty, but the overshadowing impression is the menace of a beast. Dave's Nautilus draws on Goff's beast, but has more grace than menace.
The platform, Copyright 2001 Dave Warren
The Salon, looking forward, Copyright 2001 Dave Warren Here's what Dave says:
"I suppose my version is a little 'filmic' too. Many of the designs on your site - especially your own - depict the submarine as it would have been from a 19th century perspective, and are all laudably successful, drawing extraordinarily well-considered detail from the book.  I've taken a wider berth here whilst trying not to strongly contradict the spirit of the book.  I think it's the Nautilus I'd like to see if it surfaced in the Thames today."
Dave's design, reminiscent of Goff's in many ways, is distinct in as many others.  It has a complete interior, as can be seen by moving the mouse pointer over the side view just below. Wheelhouse section, Copyright 2001 Dave Warren
Exterior/interior view Copyright 2001 Dave Warren
The construction of the Nautilus, Copyright 2001 Dave Warren

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