Jean Gagneux's Nautilus Model

My own efforts to find Jean Gagneux led nowhere, but in Fall 2000, he found me.  M. Gagneux, retired now, was Chief Engineer on the Redoutable, France's first nuclear submarine.  He has kindly provided many photographs of his Nautilus model.
Nautilus maquette by Jean Gagneux - exterior
Jean Gagneux built this highly detailed, 1/100th scale model and in 1982, donated it to the Musée Jules Verne in Nantes, France where it can be seen today.

Musée Jules Verne
3 rue de l'Hermitage
Nantes France
Phone: 33 (0)2 40 69 72 52

Nautilus maquette by Jean Gagneux - interior
M. Gagneux used the text and original Hetzel edition illustrations as inspiration for the model.  Some of the details of the engine room are his own invention, but true to the spirit of the novel.
Click for hi-res photos of the model Click here to see a much more detailed (but slow loading) view of the interior.  

My MetaStream 3D version can be viewed here.


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Photos courtesy of Jean Gagneux
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