Wheelhouse, by de Neuville

The Wheelhouse



t the moment, this part of the Nautilus exists currently only as primitives to determine fit, so there are no renderings.

The upper passage runs above the dining room from the landing halfway up the main stair. The passage height is restricted by the hull just above, but there is room along the sides for storage lockers, perhaps for net and other fishing gear storage. The passage goes through the watertight bulkhead at the library, with more storage room on the other side and opens on a room below the wheelhouse.

This room, a little over three meters long and wide, provides access to the wheelhouse, houses the retraction mechanism, and space for its retraction. Iím still working out the best way to enter the wheelhouse. A ladder or steps suffice when the structure is extended, but the sides and back partially block the way when retracted, as can be seen in the figure. The structure is presumably normally extended, so any way in and out when retracted is probably acceptable, even if inconvenient.

The wheelhouse itself is two meters square as described by the professor, leaving very little room for occupants.

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