The Outboard Passage


nitially very skeptical about the existence of this passage, Aronnaxís comments about Captain Nemo led me to include it in this design.  Iíve speculated elsewhere about Nemoís long disappearances.  We can consider that the captain uses this passage to avoid the professor when he is not in a social mood.  Bringing Aronnax this way on his tour, however, indicates it is his normal route. The novel makes clear that Nemo is a troubled, unstable man.  The luxurious salon and comprehensive library are his refuge from his troubles. I think it is consistent with his personality to avoid the temptation of this refuge when he is in his darker moods.

The passage was not easy to fit in the design.  There is sufficient space outboard of the library, but the corner of the salon presents only the narrowest clearance, as shown in the plan above and the image at right.  It might be necessary to turn sideways to pass. 

Along the library, looking forward
Looking aft from Nemo's cabin

The available clearance increases as we go forward, but although I reduced their size in this design, we must clear the large salon window opening.  The narrow headroom at this point presents a bumping hazard.  Forward of the window we descend some stairs and it is clear going though the forward watertight bulkhead to Nemoís cabin.

More to come...

The stair over the window, lookin forward

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