Salon by Riou

The Salon


To maximize its floor area Iíve raised the salon about a half-meter above the hull centerline.  This  ignores the nice fit of the salon cross-section in an eight-meter cylinder, but as Iíve said or implied elsewhere, that fit is incompatible with a spindle hull.  Raising the floor permits a full six-meter aft width and limits the forward taper to about 3Ĺ meters.  The ceiling is affected, sloping down toward the forward end.  The nominal floor area is 95 m2, although this is slightly reduced by the addition of cut corners forward, consistent with the text and Riouís illustration.  My original salon floor was tapered to just over 4Ĺ meters at the forward end and had an area of about 107 m2.  The major cost of the spindle taper is paid in available wall area.  The maximum flat wall height available over the length of the salon of four meters yields 80 m2 side wall area, about the same as the original design.  The forward wall, however, is much smaller.  The usable area is further reduced by the vertical cut corners and a tapered cornice I introduced for aesthetic reasons to compensate for the severe taper and sloping of the ceiling.

Looking forward

The new glass ceiling, based on a picture from Sylvain St-Pierre, is almost complete, although the in-ceiling lighting is not yet installed.  I've begun to rearrange the paintings, but have more work to do. The oriental carpets are still at the  cleaners.

Looking aft I will furnish the salon with the same appointments as my original design, although I expect changes, additions, and refinements.  The reduction in wall area forces me to move the paintings closer together, producing a result more closely resembling Samuel Morseís painting.  I moved the organ to the opposite end of the room to agree with Riou.

The picture at left dramatizes one problem with the large paintings I chose for my first Nautilus.  And where will I fit the four sculptures?  The door to the library is offset in the aft bulkhead.  

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15 Jan 01
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