The Forward Corridor



he forward passage or corridor connects the salon to Aronnax's cabin.  The text says little about it although its use by the professor is mentioned several times.  Running along side Nemo's cabin, it is five meters long.  I've made it a meter wide.  Following Sylvain St-Pierre's concept of air vents in the corridor ceilings, I've lowered the overhead from the 2˝ meter cabin height. 

I originally planned a very utilitarian forward passage like those in the aft part of the boat. When this began to seem out of place with the generally luxurious surroundings, I papered the metal walls and hung paintings, extending the submarine theme in Aronnax’s cabin. One is intentionally anachronistic by about 25 years.  Another is a modern painting of a mid-19th century subject.  The color scheme and wallpaper is inspired by the Villa of the Mysteries just outside old Pompeii.

Looking forward toward Aronnax's cabin
looking aft, toward the salon As pictured, the corridor is close to finished.  I expect to add a painting and may reframe two of the others.  I also expect to add some discreet access panels on the exterior wall.  The aft end of the corridor includes a still incomplete short stairway down to the salon.

The artwork: 

The Hunley by Conrad Wise Chapman, 1863 (Museum of the Confederacy)
Randall McKissick's modern Hunley
Official Exercises of Peral Submarine in the Bay of Cadiz by Justo Ruiz Luna, 1890 (Naval Museum of Madrid)

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