The Spindle Hull


ince a primary intent of this new design is to demonstrate the effect of the spindle shape on the submarine, I began the new Nautilus from the inside out, working from deloping plans.  It's time to give a glimpse of the new hull, still very much in-work.

The rendering at right shows the basic configuration of the hull with some dummy structures representing the wheelhouse, salon windows, and hatch. 

Overview of the spindle hull
The old hull.  After trying some additional concepts, I settled on essentially the same overlapping plates as in the first design, shown at left.
detail of the new hull, with plate texturing. Unlike the original model's bump-mapped hull, the new plates are individual, discrete 3-D objects.  The textures shown here may need a little more work to address repetition, but the overall appearance is much more realistic, especially along the edges and borders with other objects.  The plates contrast nicely with the un-textured dummy structures in the rendering at left.

The detail of the old hull plates at right highlights their flat appearance where they butt against the old wheelhouse.

Old plate edges

More to come...

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