Mayan Civilization

Altun Ha seen from the top of Temple of the Sun God

A panorama from the top of the Temple of the Sun at Altun Ha

Mayan civilization, which began thousands of years ago, is a very hot area of investigation today. This interest is not limited to archaeology. The Mayan number system and highly accurate calendar have been extensively analyzed. Although examples of Mayan writing have been carefully studied for at least a hundred years, the system was not deciphered until relatively recently, and is still not completely understood. New discoveries are made regularly. How would the Maya write your name? The lexicon is incomplete today, but it is possible for you to do things like write your name in Mayan glyphs. Visit the late Nancy McNelly's Rabbit In The Moon web site to learn more about this interesting civilization.  Check out Bolaman for some very nice Mayan glyph silver jewelry. In fact, if you send Jim Lutz (the Bolaman) your name glyph he can make it up in silver.

The Rabbit in the Moon The late Nancy McNelley's Rabbit in the Moon web site was a reliable source of good and extensive information on the Maya.  Michael Finley has preserved some of her pages on his Maya Astronomy site.
Bolaman Mayan Jewelry Jim Lutz, the Bolaman, makes some unique and very nice jewelry.  I've purchased several pieces.  His web site is well worth browsing as well.
I recommend some books for anyone interested in further study of the Maya.   
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I never had the opportunity to meet her, althoguh I soke with people who had been her students, but I think any book by the late Linda Schele is both entertaining and rich with information.  I particularly like A Forest of Kings.

Breaking the Maya Code by Michael Coe tells the fascinating story of how Mayan writing was finally deciphered, and explains the glyphs.  I found it particularly interesting that one man, the presiding expert for many years, actually prevented progress.  Only a few Russians outside his sphere of influence advanced the study until this man's death.

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